The Mianus River Park

The Mianus River Park is a remarkable jewel of rocky, riparian public land lying mostly to the west of the Mianus River on the Greenwich/Stamford border in Connecticut. Its almost 400 acres of mature forest and dramatic landscape is parceled between a western entrance on Cognewaugh Road in Greenwich and another eastern entrance on Merriebrook Lane in Stamford. The Park is a sanctuary for nature lovers, joggers, hikers, anglers, dog owners, bikers, bird watchers and cross-country skiers.

The park is one of a series of conservation areas of the greater Mianus Greenway that help protect the river and its watershed as a major contributor to regional water supply. It has become a highly valued resource for surrounding communities, contributing in important ways to quality of life and ‘social capital’.

Years ago, it was recognized that the Park was seriously suffering from over-use. ‘It’s being loved to death’ said a Stamford land-use planner. In 2006, after 2 years of work with park user groups and consultation with the National Park Service, a joint Stamford-Greenwich action plan was created to help control Park use and repair some of the damage. This work is visibly on-going and essential for promoting the health of the park for visitors today and future generations.