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to Sustain and Protect the Mianus River Park

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Don't fence me in (or is it out)?

With Covid-19, we have seen a surge in park visitors. Anyone frequenting the park will notice the added trash plus wear and tear. Besides being very unsightly, it becomes especially problematic near the riverbanks. When trees and shrubs are destroyed, their roots can no longer hold the dirt in place. The resulting erosion impacts not only the quality of the water but also the habitat for the aquatic species making their home in the river. The widening river becomes warmer as it becomes shallower. This impacts trout and other native aquatic species as they thrive in cooler climates.

Fences have been placed along the river's edge to address erosion. They serve to not only mitigate the damage created by park users but also to create an environment that allows flora and fauna to thrive. The goal is to restore the areas to their original state so that fences can be removed. However, it takes time and patience for Mother Earth to work her magic.


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