Park Rules

All Park Users

  • Open Daily from Sunrise to Sunset

  • Follow “ Leave no Trace ” principles

  • Stay on the existing trails

  • Avoid the river’s edge, fenced areas and private property

  • Protect the river by using designated access points

  • Carry all garbage out of the park with you

  • Prohibited: Camping, starting fires, hunting, using motorized vehicles or removing plant materials

Dog Owners

  • Leash your dogs at all times

  • Pick-up your dog's waste, carry with you to one of the park's garbage cans

  • Prohibited: Commercial dog walking


  • Alert hikers of your approach and slow down when passing

  • Avoid biking when the trails are wet

  • Keep off the fragile river-edge trails

  • Prohibited: Biking on Greenwich side of park


  • Fish only with valid license and Trout & Salmon stamp

  • Comply with all posted catch and release laws

  • Follow Connecticut Fishing rules:

    • September 1st to April 2nd: Catch and release only. Single hook artificial lures. No bait allowed.

    • April 2nd to September 1st: Lures and bait allowed. Keep maximum of 2 trout per day.