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-- Oct 25th, 2009 --
Fixing a Mudhole on the Second Loop Trail

Ryan and I (Rich) arrived at 10 Am and hiked a good part of the park heading to the north end to discuss issues and solutions for the Cabin Trail. Although our original intention was to fix a drainage issue on an already heavily armored stream crossing on the Second Loop trail, we discovered on our walk back, a large goopy mud hole rutted already with tire tracks on a usually pristine section of the Second Loop Trail.

We spent over an hour cutting a knick (cambering the trail) to allow the water to drain off to the side. Once finished we recovered it with a scattering of leaves to blend in.

Rollover images for further details...

Second Loop Mudhole
Second Loop Mudhole

Cutting the Knick
Second Loop - Cutting a Nick

Finishing Up - Drainage should be fine now...
Finishing Up