Mianus River Park
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Alert: Merriebrook Lane Lower Parking Lot Closed

Below the Red Barn on the Stamford Side

On Oct 3rd, the Lower Parking lot, below the Red Barn on Merriebrook Lane, was fenced off, as the City of Stamford begins a renovation of that area. This was necessitated by severe erosion which was causing soil to run off into the river, and by risk of damage to vehicles due to the irregular surface.

The Friends of MRP had urged the city to deal with these problems. Mayor Martin has been very supportive, ensuring an early start to the project. When completed, the City of Stamford will then pave Merriebrook Lane. Since the road is not an Authorized Road, the neighbors had to approve the project before the City of Stamford could schedule it.

Completion of these projects is expected to occur before the end of the year.

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