Mianus River Park
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Christmas Trees and Rock Piles in the Park?!

Park visitors probably are wondering why piles of Christmas trees and piles of boulders have appeared in the park. Both will be used this year to restore badly eroded sections of riverbank along the Mianus River.

Several months ago, Friends board members joined Trout Unlimited and City of Stamford representatives to visit an extensive restoration program on the Norwalk River managed by Trout Unlimited. This program involved placing hundreds of used Christmas trees along eroded sections of riverbank, stapling them into place with metal hooks, and then letting the river deposit silt onto the trees, gradually rebuilding the river bank.

The City of Stamford collects and dumps thousands of used Christmas trees each year and this time the Friends arranged for a large quantity to be placed in the park to be used on the Mianus River in a project similar to the successful Norwalk River project.

The rocks were excavated during the creation of the new Merriebrook Lane parking lot and rescued by the Friends for use in the creation of additional hardened access points to the river, similar to the existing successful ones in the park.

Board Members Reviewing the Norwalk River Christmas tree project
Board Members

Discarded Christmas Trees line the Carriage Roads by the Kiosk
Christmas Trees line the Carriage Roads

Rock Piles
Rock Piles

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